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понедельник, 24 октября 2011 г.

A Night in Venice (en)

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Venice masks by TripBY 2007 vacation. Venice. And, as you can imagine, everything went fine. Even if something went wrong – it wasn't noticeable as we were extremely fascinated by this fantastic place.

Night Venice by TripBY.info
Night San Marco Square. 2.30AM. No one is on streets.
May 4, 2007. GEO location.

Frankly, before going there I read some articles and blogs about the most recommended must-see places. Unfortunately, we had no time to see even half of them. The islands are full of incredible places.
I've found some articles describing the Venice's unforgettable nightlife. And it was our chance to see different sides of this place: historical Venice, calm & wonderful Lido, and bright nightlife of Venice. Moreover, nightlife would help us saving the money as hotels are very expensive there; furthermore, the return flight was early in the morning.
No doubts we decided to feel the nightlife instead of staying the last night in hotel.
And the story is certainly about the last night.
Anticipating the impressions we checked out from the "Buon Pesce" (Good Fish) hotel.
We created a plan what to visit during the night trip. To be on the safe side we bought 12-hours water-bus tickets that allowed us using water-buses all night around. After enjoying of Adriatic seashore and Venice's sunset we've joined the nightlife stream which seemed to get started.
At first, I found a restaurant and asked a waitress: "are you open 24 hours?" The waitress answered "yes". Cool! If anything goes wrong – we'll have a place where to kill the time.

As we were going to the downtown and then to the St. Mark square (which are crowded in a daytime) we started noticing that the streets are not as crowded as we expected. In about an hour it became evident: the nightlife in Venice doesn't exist – everything is closed, only a few people on streets, even railway station is closed at nights.
When we came back to the restaurant which is open 24 hours, we found it closed and understood the waitress heard "are you open till 24?"
It was really unforgettable night. We had no place to stay. The only thing we could do – is going by water-buses all night around. The water-buses that initially were tempting, then became boring, and then became annoying.
The back journey was rather quick – we drowned in sleep.

P.S.: Так уж получилось, что данная статья была изначально написана на английском языке.
Публикую ее как есть с обещанием перевести в ближайшем будущем на русский язык :)

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